Cinderella Dressed in Lellow

Gwennie walks around singing "Cinderella Dressed in Yellow" but that is all she knows (and she says "lellow" instead of yellow.) It is a short ditty (much like the previous post's song) which she sings over and over (again, like the previous post's song.)

Today we harvested our biggest and best sunflowers in hopes of using the seeds to plant more when these die. The sunflower Rhayn is holding was the tallest and most perfectly round. I have never tried to harvest seeds, and I probably picked it too early, but the girls wanted to. And I know it would have only been a few more days before the sparrows (and not Captain Jack Sparrow mind you that would be awesome to have in my back yard) start eating the seeds from the flowers.

My father-in-law is visiting. Yesterday we made a huge day of it all. We went to the Mining and Mineral Museum, which is downtown close to the capital (a nice building to look at once in a while.) The best part of the museum is a wheel barrow at the end that is filled with rock fragments. You get to pick three samples of rock to take home. Fun for all. This is the part of the museum that takes the longest, too. The girls pick through the rocks, looking for the most exciting and prettiest. There are some really nice pieces, too. It isn't like just some granite from someone's yard.

After the Museum we had an hour to waste before meeting Will for lunch. We dropped into the library where we ran into one of Rhayn's schoolmates along with his dad and brother. That made passing the time easy because the dad is a talker. He is fascinating and a lot of fun to chat with. I rarely get to talk to him now that our kids are not in the same class.

We met Will and his brother as well as one of his coworkers, at Macayo's. After which we headed to Costco to pick up some ribeye for dinner. Let me just say that it was 110 and I think that I overheated my father-in-law. He is not from around these parts.

I grilled the steak last night. Will helped me by making sure the grill was on and told me how long to grill them. And I did it. And they were GOOD. Maybe I will be a grill master some day.


Alicia said...

I used to say lellow as a little kid, too! That and I used to call a zipper a whipper. LOL.

I would have loved that museum as a child, mostly because I had a weird fixation on pretty stones. Getting to pick 3 out at the end would have been like Christmas to me.

Sara said...

Awe, they look so cute, and those sunflower are huge! Grilling only gets me into trouble (think burning the entire front part of my hair off) so I will let you be the champ.

Mo said...

LOVE the sunflower pics!! And I am SO jealous of the new camera, you lucky person you! :)

Amie said...

captain jack...lol!

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