Chas Roberts? You SUCK.

Once again I had to call the air conditioning company, Chas Roberts. Yes, I am so angry about this that I am using the company's name. That means it is either really bad, or really good and you can tell this isn't going to be a glowing review all about excellent customer service, right?

So I make my phone call about 9 since I was told they would be here between 7 and 8 and we have swim lessons at 11. I needed to know if they would be here on time. After being on hold and talking to the representative, and being on hold again, and once more, just for good measure, I was told that we were scheduled for service between noon and two pm. What? The lady that had called me yesterday to tell me that the part was damaged told me that we would be the very first VERY FIRST stop on the route, and that the service tech would be here first thing in the morning. Where did it get so messed up? So now I will not be here when they planned fix it. I have plans. I had to reschedule the appointment for Friday between noon and two pm. Grumble.

I was livid when I got off of the phone. I am shaking so badly whilst on the phone that I had to remind myself to stay calm. Multiple time, I had to force myself to breath deeply and stay reasonable.

It has been an hour and half since I was on the phone, and I am still quite angry. That is why I waited to write about this. I was trying to not use a lot of expletives in this. But I really want to curse like a sailor. Friar Tuck.


Alex's Human said...

It really is hard to find good help these days.. When I get ready to get the water heater switched later this summer, I'm going to join Angie's List and see who other people recommend..

But the sliver of silver lining in this is that you will absolutely appreciate your a/c when it gets fixed.. assuming it ever does.. in the mean time DON'T MELT!!

(fyi; they've had 64 complaints filed to the BBB in the past three years, so it seems you're not the only ones unhappy with them)

Amie said...

UNbelievable!! Unbelievable! Can you go with another company? Are you forced to stick with this one for warranty issues or anything? This is absolutely beyond rediculous!!

Mo said...

Given the right circumstances I enjoy using a fair few expletives myself, and I definitely think this situation qualifies. Sending cool thoughts your way!

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