Apparently the air conditioner company that we have chosen is crap. Yes, total crap. First off, the guy who checked to see why our a/c wasn't working at its best told us that we needed a new indoor coil, and that if we ordered it right then, AND PAID FOR IT, we would have it done by Sunday at the latest, because they work seven days a week (Holy run-on-sentence Batman! Geesh, Will did you like that one? Is it worthy of you?)

Saturday morning Will called and asked them when they would be out. We were informed that they do not work on the weekends and they would call us Monday to let us know when we would be scheduled for service.

Monday they call and schedule for 8-11. I rescheduled for after the girls' swim lessons. By 4:30 I was getting a little curious why they had not yet shown up at my house. I call them. Twenty minutes of being on hold and hearing "The average wait is ONE minute." I get to talk to a technician. He has to put me back on hold to find out what is going on. Forever minutes later, did you know that by shutting off your unit during the day your house heats up and the unit has to work harder to cool it off when you get home? Huh, didja? Well I heard that about fifteen times. Oh, and drapes? those keep your house cooler by keeping out the suns harmful rays.

"The part did not come in, but it will be here tomorrow, we can schedule you for tomorrow between 11 and 2," says the teenage boy that they have working the phones.
"That works if you put in the notes that we will NOT be home until 12:45 because of swim lessons."
"I will put that in the notes Ma'am, have a great day." Did he call me ma'am, like I am an old lady?
"Thanks." Yes, thank you for costing us more money as our a/c runs all the time trying its damnedest to cool our house. Thank you for slicing my arm off, Argh.

It is now Wednesday, and they are supposed to come this afternoon and install the new coil, right?

Wrong again, my friend.

We received an 8:11 am call telling us that they coil they received was damaged. They have to get a new one and that they will be here to install it first thing in the morning, between 7 and 8 am.



Mo said...

Its so hard to tell with these companies isn't it? I was wondering whether those companies endorsed by the energy companies would be any more reliable? Hope it gets fixed TODAY!!!

Amie said...

Oh My Heck. Miserable! I have another friend going thru this very same thing. Mind if I refer her over to read your post? Perhaps you can commiserate on what companies you're using!

leaner said...

amie- yeah... let her know. This company will NOT be getting my repeat service.

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