My Sister

I just want to talk a little bit about a wonderful woman I know. My sister Dacheese or Briebabe, or the Bubonic plague.

When I was eight, all I wanted in the world was a sister. I knew I was supposed to have one, and didn't understand why I had to wait so long to get her. When she was born, it was awesome. Well scary because she was in the hospital due to a punctured esophagus. But then she came home and the joy began.

But being nine years older, it was hard to be the sister I wanted. I wanted someone to share clothes with, and secrets and gossip. Instead this song has always held me, because I wonder if she felt like this? I was just not destined to have a girl friend as a teenager (I did however had the most awesome guy friends- namely my brother G-Rat and cousin Chester Copperpot.)

Then I had Rhayn. She was just a teenager herself being only thirteen when Rhayn was born (or was she twelve and turned thirteen the day after? I need to do some math here...nope she turned fourteen the day after.) It was nice having a sister to talk to and spend time with during that time, my community.

Jump ahead a few years to around the time I got the second line on my pregnancy test, so did she. Mine planned, hers an oopsy. That had to have been to most fun time, being pregnant with my sister brought us closer together than I thought would ever be possible. Our girls due only two days apart, and born six days (mine older.)

Its been a few more years since then, and I have to say, sadly, we are not as close as we were then. She lives an hour away, and has to work. Sometimes when I spend time with my family I feel left out because she works with our sister-in-law. I don't blame her friendship with SLA, because SLA is so much fun to be around. But it hurts at the same time. Plus? I am jealous that my sister is pregnant again. Not because I think now would be an ideal time to be pregnant, but its just that the wish-I-was-pregnant hormones are kicking in again. Happens for me around 2 1/2 years after the last pregnancy.

I love my sister, I love her strength. And this week she proved herself in my eyes, to be the strongest one in the family. She was alone and Madder collapsed. She stopped breathing and my sister had to resuscitate her. Brie had to call the ambulance and then go to the hospital and watch her baby be attached to machines. She had to keep from giving her sweet, thirsty girl a drink. She had to have strength that I wonder if I would have had. And my eyes fill with tears just thinking about how that all must have felt and I want to give her a big hug and tell her how wonderful I think she is. And how amazing of a woman she has become.

And also, I love finding these pictures on my camera after I spend time with my sister. She really makes my day sometimes. Never stop laughing, dancing or singing. Sis, I love you.

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Mo said...

Oh my, how awful for your sister with her little one being so very sick. I can't even imagine! I hope that she is feeling so much better now.

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