32 Month Newsletter

Young Lady,

That sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? “Come here, young lady,” “Young lady, you are in trouble.” But today, it was a compliment of the highest regard. Rhayn and I were scheduled for our 6 month teeth cleaning and as we were waiting to be called back, an older man sat in the waiting area, his daughter having her teeth cleaned, or braces looked at. You were fascinated by the girl, staring her down, her pretty clothes, her hair, not sure what it was but she captivated you. As the father and daughter left, the father winked at you and said “Bye, young lady.” Your jaw dropped. “I am young lady!” you said to me enthusiastically. A young lady? Not a baby, not even a big girl. A young lady. And that was the best thing to be called as a thirty-two month old girl.

After they left, we were called back. I went first, because sometimes you freak out as I sit in the big chair. You told the dentist “Take care my Mama.” And my heart melted. You sat at my leg and stroked it lovingly, reassuringly. Your concern was clearly marked on your sweet face.

When it was Rhayn’s turn, you stood as close as you could, to watch the doctor clean her teeth. You told the dentist “I not loose my teef,” I guess you are concerned about losing baby teeth. I suppose that would be scary since you just finished getting your molars (nightmare!) Your first dental appointment is scheduled for December, but I won’t tell you about it much before hand. I wouldn’t want to worry you too much. I am so glad you didn’t panic like you did once. I have had to reschedule my appointment, because you cried so hard.

We are only one week (!) away from Daddy coming home. It is an exciting time, with our paper chain up, pulling one link off each day until he gets home. I am not sure you understand that he will be home soon.

On the potty front, some days are better than others. I am trying not to push it. But I want you to be in panties full time. I want to be done with it. Although I think pull-ups are ridiculous, for you they seem to be a great idea. You will go potty most of the time, especially if we are at home. However when we are out, you forget. You get “astracted” (Rhayn’s word) and pee in the panties. I know that it would be better to go straight for panties except at night. But I can barely hold myself together right now, let alone you. And you will be done soon enough, and it was be awesome.


The Mama


HomeSlice said...

what a big girl! sounds like a fun day - as much as going to the dentist can be fun!

Amie said...

She's beautiful! Where is that picture taken at the end, with the water fountain?

leaner said...

ASU campus, near the food court.

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