Yard Work 1

I called a landscaper (who lives in our neighborhood) to come and help me out in the yard. He does free estimates, and is coming over this afternoon. I am worried, because I don't normally have to do this sort of thing on my own. I wish Will was here to help me. But since he isn't I am taking the back yard into my own hands.
There are a few things I want in our yard.
  • A smallish patch of either real or synthetic grass
  • A sand box area that is big enough for a swing set that I will search Craig's List for though we may possibly wait and get that for Christmas.
  • Pathways that are not the larger granite leading to the aforementioned grass and sand areas.
  • Desert plants, jojoba, globe mallow (bonus plants!) some Texas sage (or this scarlet sage, how pretty!), and probably another Chilean mesquite tree
  • Granite(rock) that is pretty, and that the girls like looking at.
I have my plan drawn out and I just might be ready when he gets here. Luckily, this man made me feel comfortable on the phone. And it is about time that we made our back yard look good. We will have lived in this house for five years in June.

By the way- I totally expect someone to buy this shirt for me because it is so the truth in my life.


tif-do said...

What a great shirt... and good luck with your landscaping!

Mo said...

I totally know what you mean about not wanting to make major home related decisions without you hubby there! I always have to consult mine, (and then argue with him when he doesn't agree, and go ahead and do it my way anyway). I am sure you are more than capable of making good back yard decisions leaner, and it all sounds lovely! How exciting! :)

Amie said...

That t-shirt is awesome! But I'd only wear it if I had HER boobs to fill it out! Mama mia!!

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