Devil in the Making

I sat down to blog, and realized that I have nothing of any importance to say. Now I could probably tap out a few paragraphs filled with the joys I experienced today (or the migraine headache that has plagued me today). But quite honestly I don't want to.

Instead I will just post a picture of Gwennie Goo and a short story about it.

I sat at my computer one morning, I believe it was last Friday (by the date stamp on the picture that was the day) and checked my email and the blogosphere, while the girls ate oatmeal downstairs. I hear them running up the stairs giggling but think nothing of it. Rhayn had vomited the night before and was staying home from school, but she was 100% healthy that day. A few moments go by before Gwennie pats my arm and says "RAWR!" I slowly turn, after finishing the sentence I was reading (Mama can't be bothered to look when they come in the room because she is reading blogs and catching up with all the people she doesn't really know, but fancies that she does, anyway. Slowly I turn my head, eyes turning last, and I see this face. It is covered in wine colored Clinique eyeshadow that had been given to Rhayn years ago by my Aunt Clementine (not Taloolah, that is yet another of Dacheese's nicknames, thanks sister.) Before coming in to see me they had stopped at the dress-up bin and picked out some devil horns and a wedding veil. Because what devilish child is complete without those? She is still cute, no?


Mo said...

Heelariouuuus!!!! My littlest, little girl gets up to such mischief when I am not 100% focused on her, and her big sister totally incites her to do it more, but nothing quite like this yet.

... said...

I am Tahloolah and She is Aunt Clementine.

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