Thinking About Blonde Jokes

I really want to bleach all of my hair and be blonde. I have lately become obsessed with blonde hair, looking at those tressed by light hair, with envy. Is that weird?

For me? No, not really, but I haven't done it in a long time. I think it would be fun. Then I think it wouldn't look pretty for very long, because my hair is fairly dark. Plus I want to grow my hair out, at least a little longer (so I can have a pony tail, er, I mean so I can put it up in a fancy updo.) Bleach really strips the hair of moisture and if we swim at the pool this summer, that would be a bad combination. Maybe I should go to the salon and have highlights put in, or maybe lowlights? Or maybe I should rebleach my stripe and dye it the cotton candy pink dye I bought at Sally's today.

Did you know I used to work in a Sally's store? I did, and I changed my hair color WEEKLY. That is right, once a week it would go from brown, to red, to green, to pink, to black, to platinum blonde. I know how to dye my hair, totally. Been doing it since I was fifteen and became tired of people asking me if I bleached my hair. You see, when I am in the sun a lot, it becomes quite blonde. When I started High School, in 1992, I had blonde hair and black eyebrows. Yes, a lovely combination, I know. You all just wish you could have been as cool as I was. My very first hair dye color was well, after the koolaid episodes, boring brown. I just wanted to look like it was natural. It soon became apparent that I didn't want to be normal, though. Look how cute. Rhayn does look like me! At least a little. I still think she looks most like her "regular" grandma- my awesome Mom. But in this picture I can see her resemblance to me. Especially in the hair area. Lucky her- she has green eyes and will have lovely brunette hair, she even has the nice hairline, the nearly to the eyebrows, not a fivehead, hairline. Pretty! (Mom, any idea how old I am in this picture? Four? Five?)


tif-do said...

There are days I totally want to add some teal green curls to my dark brown head. But then I like the natural brown its become as well.

Amie said...

I totally remember you looking like this. ;)

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