Right now (Yard Work 2)

There are men in my backyard who are working like crazy. They have gotten rid of the weeds. They have dug up dirt and nearly buried the pond hole. (Which I must say was painful, because Will and I put a lot of work into that hole. Admittedly he did a lot more than I, but still... so much work down the drain!)

I forgot to take the before picture. I meant to this afternoon, but then Ender came over to give me back my lovely WORKING computer, and I was distracted. They showed up as he left.

The girls sat and watched the backyard going ons for about ten minutes then I allowed them to watch a movie (Bambi) and they are calmly resting. If only Lily were as calm. She has run up and down the stairs, and to the door whining to get out there many time. Sigh, she is going to have to get used to it, they will be working back there for a while.

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