Yard Work 3

I can see a start. R has brought plants and placed them around the yard. There are bougainvillea in one corner. I think it will be nice, even though they aren't my favorite plant, they add a burst of color as well as growing pretty quickly. I need to ask him if they have any of the Superstition Gold bougainvillea, I love them in that color and you don't see them often. If not, I may hop over to Lowe's and pick one of them up.
The above picture is the south side of the yard. The spray paint on the left marks the sandbox area. It is about 20 feet by eleven feet. That is a big play area. I wish it could be on the other side, but it doesn't work in the yard plan. This side of the yard gets the most sun. Which is bad. I may have to erect a small cover. But we will get to that later. The center of the yard includes a 25 feet deep by 24 feet across grass area. You can't see it but in the northwest corner we have a 12 feet by 12 feet garden area planned. I am really excited about it all. Just having the weeds gone and the future plants there makes the yard look better. It is going to be awesome. When it is done I am so having a barbecue.


Mo said...

Oooooh, it looks lovely! How exciting to see it all coming together. The bougainvilla will add a wonderful splash of color, and you can add lots of other plants you love over the years!

lvh said...

wow it is already such an improvement over what I saw a few weeks ago. I'm so happy you are getting your yard done.

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