MamaMonday: Wonder

As an adult, you lose the amazement you once had in everyday things. You forget the awe in just walking down the street. So we are given children. We are given a renewal of wonder, if we choose to embrace and encourage it.

Every day with a two year old is filled with wonder. Every day there are moment when, as the parent, we are given to choice to once again look at the bug with awe, or ignore the beauty of it's wings.

Every day with a seven year old is filled with questions. She wonders how things work, how they are made, who makes them, and why. Constant questions also filled with wonder as she learns about the workings of the world around her.

Do you choose to enjoy the wonder-filled days, with laughter and learning? Because it is the best way to keep your youth, to enjoy being a child all over again.


Amy Linder said...

Yes, kids are a gift, helping adults relive so many wonder-filled moments. It's so exciting to watch and be a part of these moments. Great post!

lvh said...

Guess i'm getting old and childish again - i've lived here for 6 1/2 years and I still stop everytime a deer comes into the front yard just to watch them for a while. Or I watch the pheasants, robins, blackbirds and the kitten playing with a mouse she just caught. I think while our children are young, we are so busy that we kind of see things through their eyes but then when we get older and the kids are all grown, we find the time once again to rediscover the wonders of this world.

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