Why do I feel so anxious? I mean, shouldn't I be relaxing while Will is here? Taking a deep breath and enjoying his company fully? Instead I feel this tightness in my chest, and I have stop and make myself take those deep breaths, remind myself to calm down.

Am I so used to running on full power that it feels impossible to really relax. I feel like a wire strung so tightly that it might just spring at any moment. My heart beats fast, my breaths are shallow, I feel shaky.

I need a good mantra to repeat as I try to calm myself. Any suggestions? Any ideas on some meditation I could repeat in my head or out loud as I breath deep breaths? DO you do something like that? What words/phrases help you when you feel like the world is against you?


tif-do said...

I sing songs in my head constantly... I think it helps me focus, I have momentd of major anxiety... for no reason at all, and I think it's gotten worse the older I get... but if I'm focused on something else... a favorite tune for example... it helps keep my mind more relaxed and the body follows suit.

Mo said...

It must be so hard for you right now because although you have Will here beside you, you know that he will be going again. I think that alone is enough to cause anxiety.

I think that all I can suggest is to try to really stay in the present moment as much as possible. I mean, that is all we really have right, now? This is really hard to do, well I find it hard anyway, but when I am feeling anxious about something, I stop myself and make myself focus on something that is happening right now. It might be a bird singing, or the washing up I am doing, or the bath I am giving to the girls. It can be any mundane thing, but often that is enough to bring me back, and remind me that for now at least, all is well!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully without coming across as too pious, over the past year I've repeated the following to myself,

"Make my thoughts your thoughts Lord, may my mind be filled with love."

There are some mornings in which I've said this a million times. I’ve really found it to be quite a helpful method for calming myself.

hope it helps.
su primo, Clintalina

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