Get It In Gear

I can not seem to motivate myself for more than five minutes today. I wanted to finish cleaning up, and putting things away. I really want to get rid of about a garbage bag full of toys. I want to vacuum, because I made a mess yesterday. Instead I have sat at the computer most of the morning. I have stared at nothing, because no one is posting new things on their blogs. Every hour I run up here, check my email, and wish I had more friends. Not because I want to go anywhere, but maybe they would come visit me. But then I might feel obligated to clean the house a little.

We did manage to plant the peppers we bought at Home Depot the other day. That was a job. My body aches a little from the hard work. I dug up hard dirt, moved a garden fence, and the girls and I buried eleven plants. Why eleven? Well the anaheims came in a pack of nine... not sure why. We also bought a poblano and a chocolate bell pepper. I hope that most of those pepper plants make it. If so, I will be rolling in the anaheims, but that is ok, because then I can make some chile rellenos (which is pronounced reh-YAH-no, meaning stuffed pepper.) Those are tasty treats. My mouth is salivating as I type. I think I will go make some salsa, I could use some snacky food.

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tif-do said...

YUMMY Chili Relleno... one of my favorite things by far. Little Jealouse of the planting talk. Its going to be awhile before its safe to plant anything up here. Although I do see some little buds peeking out of my flower bed.

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