For Sale (or Rent)

Two children, relatively cheap.

One is still cute (most of the time) and cuddly. She has blonde hair that she will not let you brush 90% of the time. She refuses to use the potty.
The other acts like a teenager with teenage ennui most of the time and the next minute has a two year old like tantrum.

Please free these poor children from their obsessive, lonely, angry, maniacal mama. They need someone who can cope with "what life throws at you" better than she does.

What the heck, 1 dog thrown in for free, please walk her often, she doesn't get that here and is a really good girl when exercised.

1 comment:

tif-do said...

I'm sure we could work out a great swap... two teenage boys who eat, sleep, complain, gripe, fight and are only motivated by large quantities of cash... for your 2 girls!

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