I need busy work. I need a way to occupy my mind. It feels like this day has dragged on and on and on and on. It won't end. Maybe because I am so excited about Will coming home? Yeah, that is totally it. His flight gets in at six pm, and that is just over twenty-four hours away. Tomorrow night I get to do one of my favorite things in the whole wide world- go to the airport (what did you think I was going to write? Dirty minds... but of course, that too.)

You know on movies, when the guy gets off the plane and the girl runs up to him, and she wraps herself around him so tight in an embrace that sometimes makes you blush? And you feel it, the love, the longing they have for each other. Well, I don't get to do that. The girls wrap him up in so much affection there isn't any room for me. I want to be able to throw myself into his arms and have him kiss me passionately. But I know that the girls need him to hold them more. They need to kiss his cheeks and feels his strong daddy hands on their small child backs. Me? I can wait until we are home, to cover him in kisses. Because that is the way it works when you have kids sometimes your needs and desires come last (did I say sometimes? Yeah, I meant all the time.)

Maybe one of these times I will get to him first. I will ignore the girls trying to reach their Daddy, and I will throw myself at him. Maybe, because we will be getting a lot of practice at this airport pick up thing over the next few years. I have to say, that in the pit of my stomach a knot is growing, a knot of fear but at the same time, I am totally just waving it away for now. What else can I do?

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