Saturday Afternoon Sewing

I spent the afternoon sewing this carrier. After it was mostly done, I stopped to check it out. I put Gwennie in it, but then Rhayn wanted a turn. I popped her on and carried her around for about 5 minutes. She really had wanted me to put Gwennie on her back, but instead had a ride.
Today has been a fairly lazy day. Unlike yesterday.
Yesterday we put up the tree, today we decorated it.
Yesterday I braved the shopping frenzy. I wanted to see Black Friday, and needed some fabric for the carrier I was making. Today I haven't even taken off my pajamas.
Yesterday we made it to downtown for the tree lighting ceremony and festivities. The girls rode ponies and we all touched creepy crawlies. Today we haven't left the house at all.
Yesterday I was exhausted by the time I went to bed. Today I took a nap.
I love restful calm days. Ahhh, and I think we all needed one. (Will has homework, lots of it, he is so close to done with his Masters only three more weeks to go.)

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