Posting Just to Post.

I don't think I have gotten over being ill. I still feel exhausted and want to sleep.

This morning I took the girls to see Bee Movie (it was alright.) But by the time we were home, my stomach was so upset and queasy that I just wanted to lay on the couch. I took a nap and slept most of the afternoon while the girls watched WonderPets Save the Reindeer and A Year Without a Santa Clause (I think I awoke in time to sing along with the "I'm Mister White Christmas..." "I'm Mister Green Christmas..." song.)
But I just want to go back to bed already. Will made teriyaki chicken for dinner, and it was tasty. Then I took a bath and had an idea for a short story, that would possibly tie into my Beckham story idea. So I sat down to write the idea down. I realized that I hadn't written on here today, and started to write this post.
Now, I am going to get the girls to bed, and most likely go to bed myself.

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