Recipe for Chai

This is a recipe someone taught me.

2 tsp loose black tea
1 1/2 cups (use the mug you will be drinking from) water
1/2 cup WHOLE milk
5-6 tsp sugar

grind up the following-
4-5 cardamom pods
3 cloves
1/3 of a star anise
1/4 inch cinnamon stick
8 peppercorns (or 1 tsp coarsely, freshly ground pepper)

grate 1/8 of a nutmeg

slowly bring to a boil. Then boil for about 10 minutes or until the milk creates a foamy top.

Now using a fine grater (or zester) grate in 1/8 inch of fresh ginger. If this is put in too soon the milk may curdle.

Strain into cups. Or into a pitcher and into the fridge (if you like it cold, you can pour over ice, too.)

Makes 2 mugs.

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Carter said...

Thanks for posting! I was just thinking about the yummy chai I had when I started my apprenticeship and I never got the recipe from that midwife. I will be making some - decaf of course!

On the cigs - Clint is the same. Since we married he let smoking go but there are times that he will ask me, "Don't you feel like having a cigarette right about now?" Of course I think it's the yuckiest thing I could think of to put in my mouth and answer him with a scrunched up face, "UGH! No!" There are times that he will think about cigarettes for weeks and weeks but will never buy them. I think he would have a straight-up asthma attack if he tried. I know I thought that after I had Slade I would start right back up but I guess I wasn't a hard-core smoker because the first time I tried having a smoke, I went into a coughing fit that I was sure was going to kill me.

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