I have a doll that has been my friend since I was a wee one. Her name is Jenny. I keep her in my cedar chest (or hope chest or blanket chest, whichever you would call it.) Sometimes when Rhayn is very good, and asks very nicely, she gets to play with her. She has a tea party with Rhayn's porcelain doll.

I wanted to show her what Jenny looked like when I got her (not that I remember or anything.) So I googled her, and found quite a few of her on eBay. She had a friend named Mandy and Becky, and I think we need those, also. I think Santa might be bringing the girls each a very special vintage doll. And I am really excited about it. Maybe we will have to get a nice doll tea set, hmmm let me pop on over to eBay and look at those, too.

If you are ever feeling nostalgic about toys that you once owned, check eBay, seriously. I had a great time looking at old dolls, and even found a few neat things that my mom used to let me play with, like Penny Brite.

Does anyone know the difference between a Cherry Limeade and a Shirley Temple? Is it just that a Cherry Limeade has fresh lime?


tif-do said...

I absolutely love old toys, how fun!

abeNanna said...

I don't think a Shirley Temple has lime- just cherry.

Jenny was the perfect doll for a Brown Eyed Genevieve.

lvh said...

a shirley temple is actually just 7-up or lemon-lime soda with grenadine syrup and a cherry thrown in. Roy rogers is the same except with Root Beer instead of 7-up. So yeah - no lime.

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