Lickington! Gwen! Rhayn!

Been a while since I posted a picture of Ms. Lily Lou Lickington. We have allowed her to share the upstairs in the house with us. We have even moved her crate upstairs (into the yellow room.) It is quite nice not having her smelly dog bed right by the dining room table!Gwen is getting to be such a big girl. It seems like she is so much more a person than Rhayn was at two, but maybe its just that I notice so much more than I did with Rhayn. I get such a kick out of listening to Gwen tell stories, and her interest in things is phenomenal. She is a fashionista most days, too, as she loves to pick out her own clothes already!Rhayn is strange. She has started that part of life when the camera is on and you forget how to really smile, so you have this fake looking smile plastered across your face. But she is happy for the most part, and enjoys life. She walks around singing all of the time.

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JadaInnovations said...

I like the miniature dog standing on the brick stack next to gwennie!!

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