Dumbledore is Gay.

Instead of watching TV lately, I have been listening to the Harry Potter books on CD. I think I am getting too involved in them though, because today I finished up the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I sniffled through the last few chapters.

This morning on CNN there was a bit about J.K. Rowling announcing that Dumbledore is gay. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) I wish she hadn't. No, not because I want him to be straight. But because I want to make that decision myself. That is one of the things I don't like about reading stories written by someone who is alive, and quite talkative. She doesn't leave anything to our imaginations, does she?

I am sure also that this "outting" of Dumbledore will make the right wing conservatives cringe as their children read the books, and watch the movies. There will be uproar and they will try to get the Harry Potter books removed from schools. The headmaster is a homosexual. He is not what they thought and therefore, WRONG.

In Star Wars, watching Yoda fight Count Dooku ruined him for me. I know he had to be "great" and take on the enemy but he always seemed like he was the wise one, not the one who wielded a mad light saber. It irked me that Georgie Porgie Lucas took that ideal of Yoda away from me. I think that is the moment when I stopped even liking Star Wars, and started hating George Lucas.

On a side note and peaking of Mr. Lucas, he and Harrison Ford send their kids to a Waldorf school, an interesting factoid. Also Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock are alumni of Waldorf schools.


Amie said...

I was personally annoyed. How useless is it to make a character gay AFTER the fact? It had nothing to do with the furtherment of the story. Now I'm just going to be annoyed every time I read and watch. I guess she needed to take some thunder from "Twilight" and Stephenie Meyer's books. ;)

Alex's Human said...

Trust me, it makes no one happy.. This was a dumb move.. There was nothing in the story even alluding to this fact. It's not like you can look back over the story and have a, "oh, now I get it" moment.. As far as I'm concerned it was a way for her to fend off the criticisms that she's gotten over the years about the lack of diversity in her characters, diversity on all levels, not just gay ones.. And a horribly lame attempt at that..

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