Treat ME With Respect?

This blog article came to my attention recently. Let me just say I am APPALLED by it! Be forewarned, if you think of pregnancy as a natural state of being and birth as a natural part of life, you will also be appalled by this. The discussion between the two bloggers (the comments) is really interesting. Read the other blog article, too.

The title of the blog "Treat Me with Respect" seems wrong. This article in particular doesn't treat the pregnant woman with any respect. It basically states that without the c-section the pregnant woman and her baby would DIE.

"Pregnancy demands a healthy diet. No it doesn’t. More than 99.9% of all babies ever born were born to women who lived on subsistence diets. The impact of diet on pregnancy is minimal."

What? Is it just me, or does this person discount
a) the health of the baby and
b) the health of the mother?
Hasn't it been proven over and over that healthy diet directly affects the outcome of pregnancy- the baby? Doesn't a healthy diet help the mother avoid gestational diabetes?

I am done, I am just done thinking about the total crap that this person is spewing on the internet. TOTAL CRAP!

(I am not saying that c-sections are NEVER necessary, believe me, I know that sometimes they are. This isn't an anti-c-section post. But our bodies were DESIGNED to bring a child into the world, either our bodies have evolved to do that, or God created us this way, which ever YOU believe, they both point to "our bodies are made to vaginally birth our babies.")


... said...

I know that a lot of people choose to have their babies through c-section. I do not know why they have to heal for soo long. I understand if you HAVE too. but I have never understood why you would choose it otherwise.

Doulala said...

I am purposely not clicking on the links. I can't stand reading stuff that raises my blood pressure. I get enough of that in my daily life. ;-)

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