It is finally Friday, and am I ever glad. I spent three days this week with a mild migraine. This sent me searching for relief in unconventional ways. A few weeks ago at the Birth Circle, there was discussion of chiropractic care and alleviating migraines. I called the lady who was there, and today I met with her. She uses a slightly different type of chiropractic care. She did an electrical analysis of my tension level. I am holding so much in, it was insane how much of my spine registered "in the black" which is the worst. She adjusted me, but not like the normal, crack crack crack of chiropractors. I swear I could feel the tension leaving me as she moved up and down my spine. Amazing I must say. She did say it would probably take a few times before I feel real results, and that it isn't just the back, you have to commit to changing your life, exercising, eating better, talking through problems. It is a holistic approach to health. I need that I think.

Will thinks it is foolish. Yet another point that we do not agree on. I refuse to say it won't work, because I need something to. He has found a way to deal with his migraines. I am working on finding a way to deal with mine. I suppose that we will always disagree in many areas of life. That is fine. It would be dull if we agreed on everything in life.

This weekend we are headed out to a workshop for the Army National Guard, yeah. I am actually looking forward to it, it will be two nights in a "resort" and possibly some time to swim. Who knows, at the very least we get away from home and spend some time as a family.


Amie said...

I'm glad it helped. Take whatever you can get. I'm sure ALL kinds of treatment available out there work for SOMEBODY, if you understand what I'm saying. Just like diets.

Enjoy your weekend--I hope it's a nice break!

dacheese said...

I am happy that you will get time as a family. I think that this is important.

I think that it is great the way you chose to look at medicine. I think that it will really help you and I hope that everything works out great!

Doulala said...

She rocks doesn't she. :-)

Alex's Human said...

That's great if it works.. I went to a chiropractor a few years ago after a run-in with a forklift at work and he also used a non-traditional approach. He used this thing called an Activator (http://www.activator.com/actMethods.asp).. I have to say it didn't do a damn thing to help me, but the half hour massage I got from his massage therapist before each session sure did.. Call me weird, but I like the snap, crack, and pop..

Someday I'd like to be adventurous and try accupuncture for my migraines, but for now I am thankful that my Maxalt works..

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