More Pictures of Big Ole Blue (and Lily Lou)

I just thought I would post the last of the good pictures I took of our time with Blue Boy (I had to say Big Boy Blue or Blue Boy or something to that affect so that I wouldn't call him "her.") Gwennie adored him.

Caroline (day care girlie) liked him so much that she asks about him "Blue went home, right?", and mentions that "Blue is gone, right?"
I was tempted to send this dog bed home with him, because when do you get a dog bed that so perfectly matches your dog? But Rhayn picked it out especially for Lily, and she was mad when I mentioned that Blue should keep it. He did love to lay on it, and it smells pleasantly of cedar so your dog can smell like a hamster cage!


Amie said...

That dog bed DOES beautifully match Old Blue! Gorgeous! You didn't happen to make that, did you?

abeNanna said...

You should have sent the bed home with us, it would be great for our bedroom. But then I guess it would clash with the fine decor in our room! LOL

We discovered that putting a little bacon on his food is not a good idea- diahhrea!!!

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