There is someone I respect totally and completely that told me last night that she reads (or did) my blog. Now you have NO idea how much of a thrill that was! Seriously! I had gone to the birth circle, to enjoy some birth stories, and she was the only one whom I had met before.

I also signed up for the Race for the Cure 5K walk in October as the AZ Birth Network has a team. I get to walk for a good cause AND with women I love and respect? What a great combination. I am trying to be more involved with the birth network, I was pretty involved before Gwennie was born, and I felt like I was doing something important.

With the recent closure of the Bethany Birth Center, the Phoenix Metro area's birthing community has been dealt a real blow. (I just noticed that the link to the birth center does not have information on the closure. Here is an article about it.) Not saying that a birth center is the only option, since I had Gwen at home, but I think it is a good option, too. It is just so sad that those who are not quite ready for a homebirth but would like a birth center will not be able to have that in the valley now. I also have heard that a few of the best obstetricians in the valley are not practicing at the moment. I heard a woman say that this area is so much more progressive, but when you interview doctors you find out that it isn't. Maybe it is just that the women who formed the birth network are more proactive? They get themselves and the name of their organization out there. They do volunteer work and are always available to help people. The women who run this organization are committed to helping every woman have the birth she wants and giving them options to consider. I adore the women who are meet every month, more than that even. I only hope that I can be of some sort of assistance to them. Whether it is passing out flyers or walking in the race for the cure. I plan on helping them.


Doulala said...

Thanks for signing up.
I'm glad I found you again before the name change. :-)

Doulala said...

Oh yeah, thanks for the complement too. I think you are pretty cool.

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