"Gup? Peese?"

I feel brain dead. I have the desire to do something, to write something, but there isn't anything of importance to say/do.

Last night was our last "Puppy class" with Lily. They had a graduation ceremony (sort of) and since my foot is hurt (but not broken) we all went. Will held Lily's leash, and I chased Gwennie. We took pictures, and I had someone use my digital and take some, only there are no pictures there. I am really sad, because it was all of us, the girls, Will, Lily and me. If you push the button down but don't hold it down it doesn't take any pictures, but it will pause on the screen. I know the instructor took a picture of all the families AND the group, so we'll see if he sends those out. I am really sad about the family picture, more than I should be. If I hadn't just ended my period, I would think its that time of the month!

I want to get a cart for Lily, to train her to pull carts. How cute would that be? Plus she would work off energy. We are going to get her a backpack, to keep stuff in while we walk to make her use more energy during those thirty minute periods. These were suggestions made by the "parents" of Sampson, the best behaved pit I have every met (reminiscent of Daddy on the Dog Whisperer, same color, same build, same demeanor.)

Last night around two am, Gwennie sat up, coughed once and puked on the bed, mostly right near Will. It was all cleaned up, everyone was back in bed and I had the hardest time falling back to sleep. Gwennie wanted "gup" her current word for nursing. But I was afraid that it would gag her and she would puke on me. I was able to get her back to sleep without it, which we have been working on. It is really hard to say no, when she asks "Gup, pees?" and looks at me with her big blue eyes shining. But I know that the amount of night nursing she was doing is not good for her teeth so we are cutting it WAY down.

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JadaInnovations said...

I think my milk supply is going down. Quintin keeps eating and eating but his diapers are dryer and I don't fill as full. Any idea?

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