ID 10 T

I feel pretty embarrassed about my behavior. Its silly to be so upset about something that you KICK a door and damage your foot! And it hurts, it hurts so badly that I want to cry! I will be calling the doctor first thing in the morning, and hopefully getting an x-ray and some relief. Will thinks it is all too funny, and my own darn fault (it is) and he keeps pointing out that it will hurt for a while. Thanks. (grumble grumble.)

I have also figured out why I took everything SO out of perspective and proportion this morning. I started my period today. Will asked me if it was about that time, because apparently I have been PMS-ey. I know that I have felt like my emotions were out of control, but I assumed it was just missing Rhayn. That may have been part of it.

Will told me it was a bad day for him, too. He felt like it was a day he would rather have not had.

Tonight I called Rhayn, to say goodnight. She is staying at Uncle G’Rat and PurpleLurple’s house. She said “Hi Mama! I miss you!” and then “Can I talk to Dada?” At least I know she is ok, and safe and not out driving around getting in car accidents!
I can not wait to go pick up Rhayn tomorrow! I really miss her, and talking to her, and hearing her stories, and her! I just plain miss her!

I think Gwennie misses her dih-der incrediably. I showed her some pictures of Rhayn, and she just sat and looked at her, “Ah! Dih-der!” and “Is Dih-Der!” She tries to say Rhayn but its hard for her. I know she will be excited to see her tomorrow, too.

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dacheese said...

I know I get really PMS-ey too but I hate when my hubby tells me that I am because it makes me even more PMS-ey. Oh well that is just the way we are I think we got that from mommy.

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