Sad Doggie

Lily met her new, bestest buddy in the whole wide world, Blue, on Friday. He growled at her a little, but after some time, they played and chased and played each other out (hard to do when you have two such high energy breeds as we have.) We had to come home last night and there is no friend for her to play with, so she has moped around all day today. (Rather like a certain Jack Sparrow loving cousin of mine discussed happening with her dog, isn't it?)

Lily adores her friend Blue. She has never seemed happier than she did running around with him. She needs a friend. I REFUSE to get another dog. OK? She is going to have to deal with being a lone dog. But she will get to play with Blue, and maybe next time they will stand still long enough to get a decent picture of them together.

We are going to be puppy sitting for Blue in a few weeks, for ten whole days. I am sure that we will have two happy dogs. I was going to call him Uncle Blue, since he is my parents' new fur-baby, but until he stops humping my dog, I think that would be a little odd. Then again, she did get humped by my sister Dacheese's dachshund, Hailey, too. They are all about the same age, but Lily is the only one fixed thus far.

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tif-do said...

I think its funny how dogs can seem so humanlike when missing a buddy. SO SAD!!! Oh by the way Jack Sparrow Rocks!

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