Oh my word! Seriously, why would you have a child if you really never want to TOUCH them?
This Product does just that! It keeps your hands free (while compromising your back!)

I think I will stick with slings and things, because I love my baby, and besides, I know it shows a BOTTLE-feeding in the pictures (while talking on a phone), can you imagine trying to nurse your little in this? What a great picture that would be!

I just wonder who would buy this, and who would use it!?

(I can't imagine getting the comments while using that, that I have gotten while wearing Gwennie. Here is a picture of her at about nine months happy in a solarveil sling, enjoying some time while being protected from UV. )


tif-do said...

I can't even imagine how heavy that must be. Might as well just put them in the car seat on the floor, or a stroller near by, and save the ole back for all the good that would be doing. Funny the things they come up with.

Amie said...

Carseats are SO heavy, I can't even imagine wearing one! That looks rediculously uncomfortable!

Carter said...

cumbersome to say the least! but I could imagine how it would have come in handy for me since i have to walk a ways to our car from our apt. and sometimes I have a ton of stuff to carry along with carrying Mikaela in her car seat. Just bought a used sit and stand stroller that will come in handy when she's in her bigger car seat.

purplelurple said...

That thing looks so painfully heavy on your back. there is no way I could even use one of those. I think the slings are way better it gives you that closeness and bond with your baby.

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