The blood tests say there is nothing wrong with me. I seem to remember feeling this way last year, too. But I can not find the posts about it.

Hmmm... I think it might be allergy related, as if you have been around this area everything is a bright yellow. Yellow, the color of things I am allergic to. I thought I had escaped the allergies that usually plague me this time of year. I have not.

I am still considering having the IUD removed. I have had increased migraines, and that is NOT FUN. I have no libido, and that also is not fun. I mean its worse than ever and I think it is part from nursing a toddler who thinks milk is better than anything else in the world (besides maybe our dog) and the hormones in the IUD.

I am not sure... but I know that I am not pleased with the way I feel, and really not pleased with my attitude.

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