no, No, nO! NO!!!

I am so tired of saying "No."

About as tired of that as I am of Gwennie crying when I leave the room.

Seriously, my little little has some awful separation anxiety. I know she'll get over it, and all, but please! Help me!

I run upstairs to grab something, "WAH!" at the bottom of the stairs. Will and I put in some Fraggle Rock, or Wonderpets (her new favorite show) and try to sneak off for a tryst. "WAH!!" at the door, or stairs, or wherever.

She is a daredevil, too. She will use anything to get a little bit taller so that she can reach things. Mostly it is wanting to play in the kitchen sink, which she uses darn near anything to get up to. She has done this balancing act with Rockin' Tigger many times, and not fallen once. I try not to look at her when she does it. I also try to keep the dishes clean and put away so that she can not pull them down on her head.

I am so worn out from it all.

Did I mention that I am tired? Yes? Well, I am tired.

There was something I really wanted to blog about, but I am so tired that I can't think of it. Haha. Really, it was worthwhile. Will keeps giving me subjects to blog about. And its funny, because he never reads this. But he knows that I enjoy it, and that writing makes me happy. Not that I want to write for a living, because that is way too stressful. I mean it would be nice to be able to write a little blurb and get a little something. I know it will probably never happen for me. So I content myself with writing for me. And someday, when I write my novel, the one that I want to write... it will be just for me, too.

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tif-do said...

wow, I hate when people say this, but I do know how you feel. I was just thinking how much I was starting to enjoy the fact that I think Kasey is finally out of the mischevious stage. She's still a sassy little thing, but I am finally not having to chase her from room to room cleaning up messes, or making sure she's not hurting herself or something else. It gets better.
Also you are a great writer, and I do hope you never stop blogging because I really enjoy reading your thoughts.

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