We have been eyeing a sectional for quite a while. We measured our room, and based off of the sectional measurements, we felt it would fit perfectly. We might lose a few inches from our current couch situation. That was fine, because we would be getting what we think of as "a family couch." On a sectional it is easier to sit closer to your family and snuggle.

So on Monday, the first day of the coupon (and first day it was available) we drove to Costco Home, to scope it out. I had gone in once before to look at it, deciding the arms felt weird, but Will was really the deciding factor. He was the one who had a list of criteria for our purchase. He walks in to Costco Home, sits down and immediately deems it "perfect."I wanted him to look at the storage ottoman that was shown with it (but doesn't go on sale until next week.) I am totally obsessing about it. Its leather, which I don't usually care for, but a rich brown and has a lot of storage inside. He didn't even look at the ottoman, he was single minded, so afraid if we didn't get to the register and secure our purchase of the couch, we wouldn't be able to get it. (Funny, since it had BARELY gone on sale that day AND Costco Home had only been open an hour!)

We had to make two trips to get our sectional home. While I took Gwennie and Lily (for her first car ride that wasn't to the vet) to pick up th second half, Will and Rock were to move the loveseat and couch upstairs.

I got home an hour later, and they were standing around not doing anything. Rocky's dad had been visiting, so I was not too upset, they were talking to him.

They move the love seat upstairs. It was a tight fit. While they are doing that I moved the couch into position for them, and vacuumed the space that had been occupied by them. I also pushed the main part of the sectional into place and waited for them to bring the other half inside so that I could enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Meanwhile, they are attempting to get the couch upstairs, and gouging my walls. It didn't fit and is sitting in our dining room area.

After putting the sectional together we realize that we did NOT measure it correctly. The measurements were the separate pieces, so we needed to add them to get the FULL SIZE of it.

Now, since our walls were painted brown, and we purchased yet ANOTHER brown item, it blended into the wall. It did not stand out, or have any sort of style.

When we moved into this house, I swore I would "never paint a wall red." Even though I knew it would really add to the room. I have fought it, even though I bought red curtains to accent this room months ago. Finally when we put our new sectional next to the dull cardboard brown walls, I relented. Not that Will said "Hey! Red would be perfect" originally I was going to buy a nice chocolate brown for the faux finish. But as I was standing there in Home Depot, getting the paint. I changed my mind and went with "Morocco Red", and am I ever glad! It looks awesome. The new paint color mixed with the "Cracker Bits" under color compliments the sectional ideally.

Slowly our home is getting a style overhaul. Slowly it is coming together. Slowly, but someday, it will be so beautiful, you will all be jealous!
*The wood on the left side is to keep the puppy from going into the other room, where we can't see her. Almost all of her accidents have been in there. Also, she chases the cats around our dining room table AND an added bonus? Gwennie can't leave the living room/kitchen area, either.


tif-do said...

That really makes a huge difference. I'm a fan of the red! Good Job

Pen-nut said...

It looks beautiful!!

abeNanna said...

Some day we'll be jealous - okay this is the day! It looks great. Knew you had a sense of style. Besides it isn't RED.

Amie said...

Oooh...I love the Morocco Red!!

(I have a red wall in my living room too, I love it!)

purplelurple said...

Ohh it looks so nice. It looks better than all the brown together. I am so jealous of how nice your house is.

dacheese said...

what did you use for the walls?

Mid-life Midwife said...

the red looks really nice!
i LOVE color! every room in our house is a different (loud) color.
one of my friend's mother was here and stiffly said our house was "bright, but lacked FLOW".
viva la COLOR!

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