Its a bit late for a Christmas present!

On Rhayn's Santa list this year was an Ant Farm, and no, not the alien variety (well sort of, instead of dirt it is filled with green gel, so it does look rather eerie.)

We filled out the mail-in certificate for her ants and waited patiently. About a month ago, I received this email:

Thank you for your continued patience while waiting for your live creature order.

We are currently experiencing an unanticipated high volume of orders, and cannot fulfill them as quickly as we had hoped. Please be assured that we will do our best to guarantee that everyone gets their order as quickly as possible, as soon as the weather changes. All existing orders will be given priority based on the original date of receipt.

We recognize the inconvenience caused by this delay, and we appreciate your understanding.

Thank you,

Uncle Milton Industries

Today when I opened our mailbox, there they were. The ants had finally arrived! I looked at them, and worried that they would have cooked in our mailbox (it was only about 90 today.) There seemed to be a few moving around, and the paper included in the package said that they may be sluggish from traveling. It also said to put them in the refrigerator to "calm them" but since it was so hot, I figured it had the same effect. They really weren't moving much.

We dumped them into their new home, and are now waiting to see how many live ants we have. Pretty funny that her Christmas present came for her birthday.


tif-do said...

Wyatt got that gift a few years back for Christmas and it was May before we got them. Only 3 survived and that was for a very short period of time. He utilized his ant farm as a Thunderdome kind of set up where he would throw in two different ant species and see which survived. Anyhow, good luck with your new pets.

Amie said...

Huh...interesting gift! We need to see pictures of THAT!

And Tif--that's funny!

hairball said...

We just had an ant invasion for a week. I was vacuuming them up every 30 minutes (poor ants) You could have had those ants to play with. Sorry they got exterminated yesterday.

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