I am just doing a quick check in. We've been so busy lately. Yesterday we had a great party at my Grandma's house. So much joking and goofiness all around.

Last night Rhayn puked. I chalked it up to too much junk food at Great-Grandma's. Only today, Gwennie has puked a few times also. So maybe it was a stomach thing? I don't know, I just hope its over.

Anyway, I need to get to bed, just in case Gwennie does puke in the night (she just did, but I mean after I am asleep, and comfy... when I am not alert and on puke stand by.) I hope every one has had a nice weekend.

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hairball said...

After all the junk people were feeding my son at the party he actually didn't puke. He did make some potent diapers with a gross rash though. Oh well.

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