One week

In one week, two of my sister-in-laws (or is it sisters-in-law?) from Idaho are coming to visit. I am excited to see them, probably more than Will, who is so busy at work that I feel overwhelmed by it, too.

I wanted to get some painting done before they come. I am even going to Home Depot to purchase ten gallons of paint in a few, because we have decided on colors, BUT had not bought them. Ok, they are browns, more brown... I live in a brown house, inside and outside!

Yesterday we bought a sectional. We have been talking about it for years, and even looked around a bit. We found one we loved, and picked it up yesterday. The couch set we had was a forest green color, and very squishy looking. They were well loved, too. Will and his friend Rocky moved the love seat upstairs, and were taking the couch up, too. That was the plan at least. No matter how they pushed and pulled and yanked, the couch would not fit around the corner. So it will be headed to St. Vincent de Paul or somewhere we can get to come pick it up (in the next few days, along with the dishwasher we replaced a month ago, and the pedestal sink we replaced in the fall.) I am trying to see if we have any other things that totally need to get out of here, but I think that is it.

We have decided that we always make a few big purchases this time of year. Maybe it is that Will did taxes and it was pretty healthy, and every year tax time seems like the time to buy stuff, items we want are usually on sale at this time of year, too.

Yesterday our phone was hooked up to the fax machine all day. No one could call, and although it was NICE for me, it was bad since Will took the day off, and his work needed his help with some things. So if anyone tried to call, sorry, you know I have a mobile phone, too?

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