I don't want to jinx it but we may be getting a new member in our family today.

She (hopefully) will bring us years of enjoyment, and her price is right.

Yes, I am talking about a DOG. A friend of Will's friend's dogs had a little of pups. They aren't a breed we had considered, in fact when he told us what they were we both said, no. But upon research, it may be the perfect dog for us. I am supposed to get to check them litter out this afternoon, and with any luck our new family member will be here tonight.

Wish us luck!

*I know dacheese has been searching for a dog, we have also, sort of. I have always known that when we got a dog, it would practically fall into our laps. I refused to search long and hard, because the best dog/cats we have ever had fell into our lives. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on said dog either. So these pups being FREE makes them EVEN MORE desirable. If she comes home with me, I will post a picture as well as information about her breed. I must tell you that the thought of a pup has me excited, and very nervous for our cats, and they simple CAT power world they think they live in. It will all change soon.
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