Halloween: part 2

No, I did not make the costumes that adorned my girlies this Halloween. Unlike Hairball, and her magical LINK costume I do not create things like that.

Gwennie's costume was a super lucky find at Gymboree last year after Halloween ($10!)Did I mention that Gwennie actually left the hood up? I mean she hates hats, so it was a majorly big deal!

Rhayn, well she was a black cat her first Halloween (using those same ears!) and this year she let me buy her a black velvet catsuit. Really, its nice for petting! She wanted to be a princess, and she had costumes in her dress up chest, but they are all Barbie, or Disney and her school wanted "non-media based" costumes. So WAH LAA, a black cat. She is cute.

This is a picture of her on our way home from Hairball's party last night, where there was much trick-or-treating to be had, and she brought home enough loot for the rest of the year!

I hope everyone had as nice a Halloween as we had!

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