Shot and Measures

I took Gwennie to the doctor yesterday, for her 12 month well child check-up. She hasn't really gained any weight, staying around 23 pounds, and she is 29 1/2 inches long. She was very cooperative for the doctor, but she fought the nurse, everytime the nurse tried to touch her she would grab onto me, and hold me tightly. For the doctor, she was on the floor in the office and he was asking me questions , the usual "How does she eat/sleep/poop?" type questions, and she walked over to him, and climbed into his lap. When he put her on the examination table, she lay on her stomach nicely while he looked at her back, and rolled easily to her back while he looked at her stomach.

While he was listening to her heart, he said he heard what he called an "innocent murmur." No parent wants to hear that their child has any sort of a heart murmur (although murmur is one of those words I like to say over and over again.) He told me that it was an innocent murmur because when he pressed on her abdomen, it went away. But they will need to watch it. He made it seem like no big deal, and so I don't feel stressed about it.

I really like that doctor, he was the one who saw Rhayn 2 weeks ago for strep throat, and he asked how she was. He remembered us, and we talked about her scarlet fever, also. He said the reason her rash didn't get worse, and why it is nearly gone is because she was on antibiotics when it started. She was lucky. I definitely think when I need to take her in again, either of them, I will try to get Doctor Monroe.

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Pen-nut said...

Two of my boys have "innocent murmurs", it's not a big deal. Our doctor had us check them out with a cardiologist, but they aren't anything. Glad to know she's healthy and doing good.

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