Mama Says Om: Camp

Bugs, caterpillers, and spiders, all things that around our house we want gone. However in the great outdoors of camping, they are friends. Well, sort of.

At the family reunion camping trip, all of the kids found these caterpillers. They carried them around on their shirts, in their hands, and even in little bug cages. I have never seem my daughter so happy. She wanted to bring them all home, to see what they would become.

The great thing about camping, the very best thing of all is getting dirty. At home, I try to keep them clean. While we camp, I give up. There is no way to keep tiny hands from touching dirt or twigs. And they love it.

I remember, as a child, camping all of the time, every summer we went camping. Yet my oldest daughter has only been camping a few times. Once when she was only 4 months old, once when we went to a family reunion for my dad's side (wasn't really camping as we stayed in a cabin) and this summer, which really counts since we were in a tent, and it rained on us, and it hailed and we came home dirty.

Why don't we go more? Why? Because my darly husband is in the military. He said he has had his fill of camping while doing training. So I will patiently wait until he is once again ready to camp, because he and I- we've only been camping together once, and it was long before kids. (Yes, that means every time I have taken Rhayn camping, its with my parents.)

So here is to getting to camp more- maybe next summer!

mama says om


Nicole said...

Great pictures! They really do look like they're in heaven. We just did our first camping trip last weekend and it was a blast. I'd been trying to get my husband (a former Marine) to go for 10 years. He was surprised at how fun it was...not like boot camp at all ;-)

Shelley said...

I love that big grin surrounded by dirt! Such fun.

I didn't camp as a kid, but am really grooving on it as a grownup and parent.

Waya said...

What a cutie pie and that grin! She looked so satisfied and so brave. I'm somewhat of a city slicker, so we haven't camped at all but my son would love to camp. Maybe preparing to camp in the front yard first since he's afraid of the dark and being outside at night. YIKES!

Tara Marie said...

Oh that dirty smile is so precious....and delightful and shouts out,"This is fun!" Here is to more camping trips in the future.....may they fill your children's memory banks with such pleasure, as your camping trips of your youth did for you.


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