Sniffles Sniffles, who has the sniffles? WE DO!

Well it is the beginning of a new month, right? And Bug has started that last two months with a cold or something, why should June be any different?

I noticed that she was acting a little fussy on Tuesday, and Wednesday. Wednesday night she wanted to be held all night and was stuffy when laying in bed. Thursday, she was sneezing bright green mucus, and I am so sorry dacheese. I really am, if Madder gets sick... forgive me! Just think that thing we were talking about, how kids are kept in germ bubbles, well ours aren't. We let them play on the floor, lick our shoes (not on purpose though!) they touch dirt, and pets. Our kids are being exposed to lots of germies and should build up lots of tolerances.

You know, Rhayn was never sick her first year. I think she acted like she had an ear infection once, but after that nothing. The doctors put the tubes in her ears "Just in case." Which was weird since she really had no issues. She was formula fed. So why is it that Bug, who is breastfed has been sick more? I thought that my immunities were supposed to keep her from getting sick as much? Why is Bug always sick? Huh? Can anyone tell me?

And why do I have to keep getting these illnesses, too? I feel like I was hit by a truck today! My head and body ache. I was so congested I slept horribly last night. I guess its ok, because I am carless today. Our car is in the shop because it is "puking coolant" and overheating. Will had to drive the truck to work.

Will sent me an article about LiveJournal. (Another blogging thing) it said that LiveJournal won't let mama's post pics of breastfeeding on its server. It is "indecent" and falls under the category or showing your penis or something. Doesn't that seem ABSURD? I mean seriously, most of the lactating pictures I have seen don't even show a NIPPLE. That is usually covered by the beautiful baby's mouth. You think we have come so far, and then you get these setbacks.

This morning I was reminded why I use the cloth diapers. I still have Bug in disposables at night, and all of the cloth were dirty (I need to wash the covers, too.) so I put another sposie on her when she woke up. She pooped and it shot out of the LEGS all over her pajamas. She had semi circles of poop on both sides of her butt. It was gross. But with the cloth that NEVER happens! (and the sposie was on tighter then we ever put the cloth diaper!) She has a poopsplosion this weekend at the in laws house, too. I am so into cloth. I am not looking forward to a week of sposies while we are camping!

***********later same day
Well now its later, and I am so stuffy and uncomfortable. Rhayn is a little stuffy, but not much. She seems to have thusfar avioded this cold! (Knock or wood!) I am tired, Bug just fell asleep so I am going to try to watch some tv and relax. I wish I had a big bowl of HOMEMADE chicken noodle soup!

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hairball said...

ooohhweee look at those thighs! Has she gotten to wear her swimsuit yet?

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