8 month newsletter

Dearest Little Girl,

You are now eight months old. Again it seems like you were only born yesterday, but soon we will be celebrating your first birthday.

So far your eight month hasn’t been too full of new accomplishments. You are still crawling and cruising around things. You did finally figure out how to cruise to your right, instead of the only clock-wise cruising you were doing before.

Food is finally your friend. Last night we went out to eat and you tried some hummus, which you loved. You also tried some of daddy’s spicy Ginger Chicken Balti. You did not like that, as it was very spicy. You had the bite in your mouth, and as soon as you closed your lips, your eyes got wide. Then you scrunched up your whole face and turned red. Then there was the MMMMMMMMMHHHMMMM HMMMMM!!! Cry. You would not open your mouth, so your cry was muffled, but loud. You make some very funny faces!

You can whistle. I don’t know if you mean to, but you crawl around with your mouth in a tiny little circle and breathe in and out of it. The air often makes a whistling noise. It is quite neat.

This past weekend we went to visit your Aunt and Uncle. You were amazed by their nearly 3 year old twins. The Girl, Tay Tay weighs the same as you. She is a tiny little thing. Tay Tay is potty trained, and it’s so cute to see her run to the restroom “Tay Tay go potty!” I don’t know if I am looking forward to that part of your life or not. I am looking forward to you talking to me. We have been trying to teach you some signs. So far you haven’t gotten them. One of these days you will sign something to me, and I am going to be so impressed.

Rhayn is such an awesome big sister. She loves you so much. She likes to tell people all about you, and your accomplishments. “My baby sister has 2 teeth!” she’ll proclaim to anyone who will listen! “She can almost walk!”

Daddy has started calling you “Mini- me 2.0” because he says Rhayn was “Mini-me 1.0” and you look even more like him that she did. I was determined that you would look like me, but apparently his genes are totally stronger. You are almost a clone of daddy. I wish we had some baby pictures of him to see if you really do look like he did as a baby. I asked him if we could just call you 2.0 because he hates me calling you Bug. So maybe that will be your new nickname. 2.0 isn’t as cute as Bug. As a computer programmer, he said that calling you Bug is an insult. Something that is “Buggy” is a bad thing. Ok, I get it. I have been calling you Bug since you were born, though. Its hard to change that! I did stop calling you Buggie.

I can’t wait to see what next month brings.

I love you,
Your mama

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dacheese said...

the dresses the girls are wearing are so CUTE!

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