How did I get so lucky? Rhayn is the best kid ever. She is so sweet and helpful. There are just times that I sweel with love and pride for how great she is. I am so afraid of how she will be as a teenager, and how Bug will be, but I guess I should really enjoy this time. It will be over soon, and I will have a kindergartener!

There are times when I am frustrated and take it out on her. Why? I am only human and she is an "easy target" but I love her so much, and I adore this "why?" stage. It can be irritating, and I can't always explain the answer, but it really reminds me to look at the world in new and different ways.

"yes Rhaynnie?"
"How they made our world?"
"Oh Rhaynnie, I just don't even know how to start that one."

"yes Rhaynnie?"
"How they made dirt?"
"Well dirt is rocks broken into smaller particles."
"Oh." Pause for reflection "how they made rocks"
"um, well there are different kinds of rocks, and they were formed in different ways"

Hey- LOOK! UNSCHOOLING! I was reading about that movement, and since Rhayn will only be in kindergarten for half days, that leaves me afternoons to shape her little brain more, and I was looking into homeschooling in the afternoons, as in teaching her to read. But then I started looking into Unschooling, and I have been doing that since she was born. If she is interested in it, we totally envelope it into our daily lives. I am excited to find out what she learns at school, but excited to still have time with her.


TLC said...

I feel your gushyness over Rhayn - my cup runneth over w/ the gushyness I feel for each boy right now - including the big guy!

Jack skipped out on kindergarten and we had the best time unschooling - he always had a project in mind that he wanted to do and all I had to do was help him get the supplies he wanted. There was no structure, no set times for this and that, just free flowing. I can see Crispin following in this path too. I remember w/ Jack how he used to think I knew everything - I mean everything - like what the squirrels where saying or the birds and even would ask me random people's names at grocery stores. When I am out w/ Crispin and we see robin's in the front yard and they are singing about, I find myself telling him they are talking to their friends and asking if they had big juicy worms for breakfast. I can see why Jack thought I knew what the animals were talking about. I wonder if Crispin will get to stay home from kindergarten? He already asked to go to school w/ Jack - "Ki Ki go to school" I told him he had to be five years old and he said, "no, six!" Six is his favorite number - you ask him how old he has to be to chew gum and he says SIX! or how old he is and he says Six. Don't know where he got it from! okay, long enough comment for you? Clint and Jack are making breakfast (HM blueberry pancakes and bacon) so I have some time to mess around! See you soon!

dacheese said...

"hewena who they make poop?" Ps thankms for writing that thing for me!

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