Whenever the snot starts flowing freely at our house, which for some reason 2006 has been the year of, one parent seems to avoid it. Rarely are all four of us ill. So this weekend, as we started to plan out what projects to get done, Will noticed that he wasn’t feeling well. “It is from my night out last night, I really should go out to the bar with the guys after work, because I spend the next day recuperating.”
Nope- not this time, by Sunday morning there was no denying that Will had also received this cold. More snotty tissues, more sneezing, more feeling like crapola.
Needless to say, nothing NOTHING was done this weekend. Well at least none of our projects.
Bug on the other hand showed us that she is really a big climbing girl, by making it up our stairs. AH!! This means that we have to have the gate on the top AND the bottom of the stairs. Joy.
Here I was under the illusion that a chunka baby was going to be easier, but noooooo. She is just as rambunctious as Rhayn was. She has even let go of the coffee table a few times, and STOOD ALONE. It scares me, and exhilarates me at the same time. My baby won’t be a baby much longer.

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dacheese said...

I have only let madison climb up the first on at her gmas I do not know if she could make it all the way up. SHe is now beg. to pull herself up like almost falling into the bathtub because her feet are of the ground:-(

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