Monday was one of those rare days here. It was about 80 all day and it is MAY. Sure there was a bit of wind and dust, but that 80 degree weather made me want to be outside. Rhayn and I decided that the zoo would be a good idea, since the wind isn't so bad there.
We headed out of the house around 10:30. I called hairball, and we went to have lunch with her. Then my girls and I headed to the zoo about 1 pm.
I swear I couldn't have asked for a nicer day! The zoo was almost empty, too. It was nice, I only wish I lived somewhere that felt like that more often.

Will found out what he will be doing after he graduates from Officer Candidate school, he will be working Signal- basically computers and communication. Its a year long school. I haven't talked about the after OCS school, because it hadn't been a reality until now. He will be done with OCS in August then he has 2 years (I think) to complete that school, only Signal training means he will be LEAVING for a year. It won't be as bad as basic, as he will be able to use the phone and computer, but he'll be gone. Also he could take us with him, but then what of our house? I need to stay here to keep watch over our house. He also told me that he won't be doing the training until after he finishes his Master's Degree- that is another year away. So I still have a year to figure out how I am going to survive alone. I mean we'll go visit him, and I am sure he'll be able to come home for weekends now and again, but he won't be here every day, I think I will definatly appreciate him more.

Bug loves her Aunt Meh Meh! See! She does, and you can see her two teeth in that one picture of Rhayn holding her. So cute! I hope she doesn't get her top teeth for a few more months. I actually didn't want her to get ANY of her teeth fora while. But luckily she still hasn't bitten my breasts, so far- so good!

********(edited at 11 am) Will just emailed me and said it will probably only be about 5 months that he is gone, whew... that is still a long time, but not as bad as a year!


dacheese said...

Yeah you lucky lady. Madders bites mine if she is not hungry and i think she is so i try to feed her:-( and poor you that stinks about will will:-(

abeNanna said...

JV graduates from COTA the day before Will and OCS should be a fun weekend.

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