The Most Awesome Find!

We spent the weekend at my parents again, and Saturday they decided we needed to get their shed cleaned out. We all have a few boxes out there, and with G'Rat moving home, they needed space to store his life. So my dad was up at the crack of dawn moving boxes.

Most of my boxes were baby clothes, but I had a few neat things in there. There was a thing full of cassette tapes, which I grabbed and figured I would look through later. I loaded up the bed of the truck with crap. I did have a fun time putting on the clothes I wore in high school, I don't know why I saved all of that crap... but its gone now.

We found old videos of us as kids. Some great outfits, and man did Aunt Suzy have WHITE LEGS! It was so fun to hear our squeaky little kid voices. I hope my mom does get those onto DVDs, so that my family can laugh at oursolves long into the future. So someday our grandkids can say "Look there is Grandma, she looks just like me." (I have been noticing how much Rhayn looks like my mom!)

Well this afternoon we headed home, and I decided to grab a tape to listen to. I grabbed a mix tape, those are always fun, right?

I put it in the cassette deck in the car, and was hit by the most awesome sound. A sound that made my eyes tear up, and made me want to turn around and drive home in excitement.
The mix tape I grabbed and really didn't look at, happens to be a tape with a few songs on it, but mostly its Grandpa Carter talking and singing.

When we moved to South Dakota, he used to send us tapes, he would talk and sing to us, and tell us everything that was happening in his life.

As I drove home, my eyes filled with love tears, I heard him saying "Me and Tiff planted about 40 feet of sweet corn today." There were little stories about who he talked to, and who came to visit him. I heard him tell me that "this song's for you, Leaner" and the tears that were beading on the edge of my eyelids finally spilled over. That voice, so long forgotten, those little bits of songs "because I can't remember the whole song, maybe if I could sing I could."

I now know what I need to do, I need to get that tape onto a CD.
I feel like the luckiest person, what a find.


hairball said...

I never got to know grandpa's voice. Anyways, when in the world is garrett moving home? What happened?

Alex's Human said...

When you get that put on CD, I'd love to hear it. I don't know if I've heard Grandpa since he was still here. And though I can, if I try hard enough, still hear his voice in my head, I'm sure it's not the same.. You're very lucky to have those..

lvh said...

I will help pay if it costs to get it on cd - I think that is something we need to make copies of for everyone at the reunion for sure. and yes, what is going on with Garrett??

abeNanna said...

Okay, we have the technology to do this. So we need to get it done before the reunion so we can have a copy for everyone. There is a second tape, check to see if that one happens to be in your stuff also. I'm so glad that you found this, I have been looking everywhere for it.

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