The Stinking killed the Dinosaurs.

Have I mentioned lately the utter joy that my baby Buggie gives to me? The way her blue eyes light up everything, and even when I am in a total rut, holding and nursing her makes life a lot brighter?Well If I haven’t, I should.

My baby tries to “eat my face” I totally remember Rhayn doing it, too. I only just figured out that she is really trying to give me a kiss. She grabs my cheeks and pulls my chin to her wide open bird mouth and slobbers on me, making an “ahhhh” sound. She could do that for hours, if my chin makes it into her mouth, she clamps down and chews, so we try to avoid that., I offer her my cheek, to “kiss” instead.

In the car, if its just Bug and I, and she starts crying (which inevitably will happen) I reach a hand back there, so she knows she is not alone. I can feel her body tense, like I am going to pick her up. She will get mad because I am not picking her up, but at the same time she will relax into the seat and chew my hand and talk, often falling asleep for a moment before she realizes that she is still strapped in there.

She reaches up to me, her mouth the circle of a smile at its biggest, when I stop the car and reach in to get her out. It’s astonishing how quickly she goes from crying to smiling when she sees me. I love it.

She can sit up, not because I sat her there, but she goes from her tummy to sitting in no time. She has been backing up and when she hits a wall gets frustrated. But her mobility is still not up to par with Madder.

Rhayn is jealous, she needs some special time with people. She feels left out, and I totally understand (being an oldest child myself.) I am trying to plan a daddy daughter date for her and daddy to go do something, he mentioned mini golf, and I said well take her. But I like mini golf, too. I think he should take her to her favorite restaurant (Mimi’s – for “Onion SOUP!”) and maybe to a movie. I think she would totally love that. Maybe they could go ice skating before. Or maybe they could just go to the zoo, just the 2 of them, because until this babe is weaned or can go for more than 2 hours without milk… I can’t take her out alone (I suppose I could take her to grocery store alone… just me and Rhayn. But I would feel naked without a baby attached to me in some way!)

Grandma and Grandpa are going to take her to their house on Sunday night, but there is Madder there. She will feel special getting to stay the night, so it will be good for her.

Rhayn is such a character. She always wants to talk to people. She wants to tell them her life story, and last night as we waited for the pizza we ordered she was just waiting for the opportunity to show off the beautiful ring that dacheese and lovely necklace that grandma gave her. I could see it in her eyes, waiting for someone to look her way a second too long, so she could point out her new things and say “Look at my necklace that my grandma gave me!” She was so proud. I have been trying to foster this, because I was a painfully shy child. When we go and get food, I have her order her own. I usually have to tell the person that she wants her “hamwhich” with pickles and lettuce because they couldn’t hear her, but she is getting practice.

The other day she told us that dinosaurs are dead because of the stinking. I asked her to repeat herself, because I just didn’t quite get it, “The stinking, Rhayn?” “Yeah, the stinking.” Oh-light bulb moment, extinction. X “STINK” SHUN. The stinking.

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purplelurple said...

It is always hard on the older siblings. Beth had a real hard time when i had Katie and also with having Gavin around all the time now. But i try to make some time with just me and her. And G wants to start doing stuff with kids one on one. It is even worse on middle child(talking from exp). But it will all work out she wont know what to do when bug isnt around.

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