Buckets of Babies.

We weren't sure what we were doing for Easter. A last mintue party was planned with my parents, grandma, dacheese's family, and SLA/JVA.
It was pretty fun we sat around and talked for hours, and the babies were adorable, and Rhayn was given lots of one on one attention. (Which she needed so badly!)

Will had a busy busy weekend. He started it by having Friday off, and he worked outside most of the morning. He had a friend over that night to help him get a project started. He laid laminate floor in our kitchen. It looks beautiful, but it took 3 days to finish. It wouldn't have taken so long if a) he had started it earlier on Friday b) he hadn't had a ruck march on Saturday morning and c) our kitchen has angles and nooks and crannies galore! That project is 90 % done, we still have to put the trim back on. But it really warmed up the room its so much more inviting and friendly.

I had to wake up at 6:30 this morning, because Rhayn wakes up early and I needed to hide the eggs. She woke at 6:50. She said she was soo ex-sit-tek about Easter. It was fun to see her be so excited. The Easter bunny brought her a "My First Microscope" which is really pretty neat.

Well I am going to rest, it feels like I have been running NON STOP for 3 days... and I hardly helped with the floor at all!

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