Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams.
They come in the middle of the night, and you wake up, not exactly sure why you are afraid. Then you lay in the dark, and remember the horror.

Last night I dreamt that I was visiting hairball. We were at the ranch and it was grandma C who owned it, not Grandma T. So we were going through this maze of bushes, and there was a little boy, hairball told me he was always there, he is a ghost. The boy ghost was about 18 months old, and looked like Collin sort of. It was freaky and for some reason the little boy’s haunted face kept replaying in my mind. Over and over.  In the dream he wouldn’t come out of this area of thicket. He was hiding, but wanted us to see him. If you looked directly at him he sort of vanished, but he was still there, still looking at me.
I woke up from that and lay wide awake unable to get that little face out of my head.

Finally I fell asleep again and had a dream about getting a divorce. Will was going to play a show (he used to be in a band.) He refused to take me, and Rhayn. He said that his ex wasn’t welcome. I stood there, in tears, telling him that I loved him and there was no reason for this. I felt devastated. I woke up from that one, and rolled into Will, and held onto him for dear life. I can’t imagine my life without him, and that was way scarier than the ghost baby in my previous dream.

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TLC said...

I haven't had any bad nightmares lately - that i can think of. BUT I have been having some really sexy dreams that I wake up thinking are real and this pregnancy they are always between Clint and I. Last pregnancy it was always Clint and one of my friends or strangers. Those were pretty devastating to have just as well. Of course I would wake up and say, "what do you think of so and so?, you think she's pretty?" He never fell for it and almost always knew it had to do w/ a dream.funny huh?

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