The Internet, Good or Bad?

As I sit down for the umpteenth time today, searching the web for this or that, I am wondering if this is a good thing or bad.
My current search involved bruises that I have recently noticed on my legs and hips (and arms), as well as a tiredness and headachey-ness that I have had. My diagnosis? Probably anemia, but there are other SCARIER things out there. I still haven't gotten my period back (which I am quite thankful for, as I turn into a "briana is the coolest homie" when that happens. PMS is a killa!)
Earlier I looked up a red lentil soup recipe, and checked up on my online posse.
Things I know would be missign from my life without the internet? Well, all of you of course, and I would NEVER have had a homebirth, nor would I be using cloth diapers. So there are reasons it is good, but that whole health thing? I think I freak myself out more than I help myself.

Ok, I am going to stop obsessing and maybe, if I am still worrying I will call the doctor in the morning.


Mid-life Midwife said...

go have a simple CBC- complete blood count. this will tell you what your hemoglobin is. should be around 11 or as high as 14. border line low would be 10 or so.
nursing babies suck the soul of you, sister! i've always felt "less than" while nursing rather than when pregnant.
and it is totally normal (as I know you know) that you've not had your period yet. i went 22 months with my dd and with ds, 12 months.
embrace it! and stay away from self-diagnosis via the web! i get sucked up into that too! getting a CBC via your care provider (maybe your midwife could help you?) would be a very simple, cheap start.

dacheese said...

I wish I hadnt had mine. I have only had it twice and man they have been BAD!!! worst cramps ever. Almost as bad as labor contractions right before the medicine kicked in for me.

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