Chocolate Brown Eyes

It has been years since she was a child, years since she had babies of her own. Yet she seems to understand children, and babies. She is loving and giving in a way that I can only aspire to.
Her words have calmed many, her voice steady and sure. She has been everything, and done so much. She has traveled the world, and taken grandchildren on many vacations, knowing that it would all be remembered. She knew that the time with us was more important than having money would be when she was gone. Those memories are priceless, that time in Salt Lake that I accidentally took the wrong package of brand new panties, and spent the whole trip pulling wedgies out of my butt, while Hairball spent the whole vacation pulling her panties up (she had mine on!) The vacation with tif-do, when we were determined that even though we were in California, we did not need to go to Disneyland, yet as soon as we were there, everything reminded us of it. So we ended up going there anyway. Those trips were precious, wonderful memories.
I search my face and the faces of my children, hoping for a little of her. I see her, maybe in my eyes, or maybe in the ears of my daughter. I hope that what really matters, her heart, is located in all of us. I hope that she knows how wonderful she is, and how much she means to us all.
Today was the day she was born, eighty-five years ago, in a small town in South Dakota. She was born and grew up during hard times, but really I think they may have been easier times than our children are growing up into now. Life was simple, maybe tough and there was a lot of work to do, but it was a simple time.
All I know is that I am who I am because she is. We are strong because we had a strong female role model. A beautiful person, my grandma. With her twinkling chocolate brown eyes, and her smile that welcomes us into her life.
Our lives are here and better because she lives.


tif-do said...

I hope you give her a big birthday hug from me to when you see her. We are truly lucky to have a grandma that loves us all so unconditionaly.

Pen-nut said...

Thanks for the beautiful post. Grandma is such a special part of all of our lives. We are truly blessed because of her.

dacheese said...

That was so nice! I loved it! It mad me cry! (happy cry) just like the Happy dance!

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